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A technological first person shooter demo featuring multiplayer capabilities and payload based missions.
A technological two-player couch demo game featuring procedural dungeons, fast-paced combat and collaborative game mechanics.
Aeternum: Destiny's Call
A technological action RPG demo featuring online multiplayer, unique character classes and other fun shenanigans.
Solus: Remnants of Attera
An action adventure RPG featuring a vast, beautiful world, non-linear storylines and in-depth character customisation.
"The game mixes the epic stories of World of Warcraft with the brillance of the Divinity series, with little sprinkles of combat from the MMORPGs of old."

- On Solus: Remnants of Attera.
Malchom Yam
In 2019, a group of like minded individuals had a vision.

Exousia Studios

Crunch Dissatisfaction 50%
Employee Satisfaction 77%
Work Life Balance 99%
Bugs Squashed
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Aeternum's Sunset

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What lies ahead?

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